11th International 100 seconds film festival

100-Sec Film: a Message in the Age of Media

In the world today, named as the world of communication, there is almost nothing left out of the keen eyes of the broadcasting services and the mass media. According to their interests and tastes, the audience chooses their favorite media; although the bombing of Information has posed limitations on how to recognize the good from evil, but the right message will always affect the public opinion. In the age of communication, messages can appear in the form of art, and this increases their influence on the audience. Besides, they can attract more viewers; on the other hand, the more elegantly shown in shorter forms, the greater the messages’ impact on the audience. In the meantime, the art of cinema both in terms of influence and mass audience heads the first place. To have a message and the extent to which a filmmaker can convey this message in a short time is one of the major features of 100-seconds films; it would be much better if the message is based on ethical issues that human societies today require. Making films with a maximum time of 100 seconds in the shortest time possible and with coherent material is really demanding and the filmmaker should tell a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end which can affect the audience. 100-sec Film is a full movie with all the characteristics of a feature film based on two elements of brevity and creativity; it is not a teaser, neither a musical video nor a partial feature film. 100-sec Film is a new and suitable media for the novel tools with the ability to exceptionally influence the high-speed and obstreperous world today and can blatantly get some seconds of the hurried and impatient audience and in addition to transmission of concept and message, present some visual and aesthetic pleasure.

 Festival Sections

  • 100-Sec Cinema International Competition
    • Documentary
    • Fiction
    • Animation
    * This section is exclusively for foreign participants.
  • Special Screenings
    Tribute to short films of one or more countries or International Film Festivals

 Festival Awards

100-Sec Cinema International Award

Statues of the Festival, diploma of honor and cash prize of $ 2,000 to each of the three films selected by the jury

An honorable mention to three praiseworthy films selected by the jury

 Registration General Rules

  1. Registration is only possible via 100-sec Film website at 100fest.com
  2. Each film sent to the festival can be owned by one person as the director.
  3. There is no limit on number of entries by a real or legal person.
  4. Documents to be sent to the secretariat of the Festival on a CD: a copy of ID card, a piece of good quality portrait photo of the director to be published in the festival book, the photo of the film and a summary of at least 60 words.
  5. All works submitted to the festival have the chance to feature the premiere online on the festival website and after the initial review, the works listed as accepted may serve any use in all advertising and media sectors of the Festival secretariat.
  6. Winners must be present at the closing ceremony of the festival and their absence will be considered as denunciation of the prize.

Special Regulation on Submitting Works

  1. The duration of works submitted to the secretariat should be a maximum of 100 seconds. (The title is part of the film.)
  2. Applicants who wish to participate in the International 100-sec Film Festival should first register at the festival website at 100fest.com and get a tracking code; this code is to be written on a DVD and sent to the address of the Festival secretariat; uploading the movie and sending the link of the work is another option.

Festival Calendar

Call For Entry: May 2016

Submission Deadline: January 19th , 2017

Festival: Feb 22nd – 24th – 2017 Tehran


  1. Films Completed After : January 2013
  2. Maximum Duration : 100 second
  3. Country of Production : All Countries (Except Iran)
  4. Screening format : All format
  5. Accepted Genres: Fiction, documentary, Animation.
  6. Website at: http://100fest.com

Festival Secretariat Address

2nd floor, Hozeh Honari central secretariat of festival, Hafez conjunction, Somaye Ave, Tehran, Iran

Telephone: +98 - 21- 8417 2204-5

Experts contact: +98 - 21- 8417 2201-2

Fax: +98 - 21- 8417 2203