100sec Film Festival booth in Cannes, France

Held concurrently with the Cannes 69th International Film Festival in France, 100-sec Film Festival booth has been host to filmmakers from other countries.

According to the news headquarters of the International 100-sec Film Festival, during the Cannes 69th Film Festival held from 11 to 22 May 2016 in France, the pavilion of International 100-sec Film Festival has been host to prestigious international festival directors and filmmakers from other countries.

According to this report, it was scheduled that the visitors to the booth be exposed to the most recent works that have been exhibited at the Tenth International 100-sec Film Festival. Equally, by exchanging information and cooperation agreements and an efficient introduction of products, it was meant that a firm step to be taken in order to create relations to the worlds most prestigious festivals.

Likewise, in the booth, productions of Cinema Sureh Institution naming documentaries such as Pruning Season, Memories of the Desolate House, The Third Generation, Looking for Peace and A157 and movies such as Coquetry, Conditional Freedom and Mubarak (real animation) and short animation Break and ten short films productions of Sureh Film Club naming Home, The Flowers dream, The rain kids, Little Flag (Alamak), The Rest of the Restless, Opaque, like a balloon, Man and Child, Disobedience and Valad, were displayed.